Hands down the best facial I’ve ever received! My problem areas going in were enlarged pores and uneven, dull skin. At the end of the 25 or so minutes of having the needles in, I could feel that every muscle in my face was suddenly alive and active. The most noticeably active muscles when looking in the mirror were my eyebrows. They had a naturally higher arch than I’d ever seen. Two or so hours later, I noticed a wonderful even-toned glow that I’d never had. The glow I had always tried, and failed, to achieve with other facials. This glow is still quite present almost a week later. My eyebrow muscles are still well-engaged. And my pores and still slowly shrinking. The final drastic change… over the past few months I’d catch myself clenching my jaw hard many times throughout the day. Since my treatment – again, almost a week ago – I’ve not caught myself clenching my jaw like that… not once. Aside from the treatment, I’ve been working with Stef for years now. She is one of the most beautiful beings I’ve ever met. Her energy is so bright yet so calm. And the space she holds is perfectly conducive to any personal work one is going through. I couldn’t possibly recommend her or her treatment enough.

– Taylor